Michael Nowik

Saturday, August 21, 2004

----- Original Message -----
From: Michael H. Nowik
To: George W. Bush ; CCCC-USA
Cc: FBI ; Justice Department ; John Hoeven
Sent: Sunday, August 15, 2004 8:38 PM
Subject: RED TERROR ALERT and CCCC-USA Command Center Order #1

Command Center-USA
August 15, 2004

From the desk of Private Attorney General of the United States, Michael H. Nowik:
To the immediate attention of:
The Honorable President of the United States, George W. Bush,
The Congress and Supreme Court Justices,
The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Justice Department,
and the People of the United States.
Citizens’ Constitutional Command Center-USA

This is not a drill!
Please forward to all Americans and Officials!
This is an authentic
Red Alert AND Command Center Order
being issued to all the bureaucracy, media, and
People of the United States of America !!!
All US Citizens Should Take Immediate Precautions to Protect Themselves From These Terroristic Threats And Attacks!!!!
Supreme Court Dissolves U.S. Judicial System,
Repudiates and Renounces United States,
the laws, Constitution, and the People

Leaves American Courts Operating Illegally And Unconstitutionally

The Supreme Court has finally given up the ghost which has been haunting Americans for generations and placed them at greater and greater risk. It has finally revealed why the United States has become a more dangerous environment than Citizens have ever had to face or endure in their entire history.

On August 2, 2004, the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. issued an outlandish order in a decade long, ongoing, genocidal persecution, oppression, and torture case, closing all American courts to the People, terminating the rights of American Citizens to the protections of the laws and Constitution of the United States, and maintaining illegal and unconstitutional control of courts, public institutions and instrumentalities.

The justices for the sixth time abjectly and unconstitutionally denied an emergency petition submitted by a law-abiding, violent extortion victim, being held a virtual prisoner in his home for the past ten years under constant illegal official threats to his life, liberties, and property for pursuing justice against corrupt racketeering officials, depriving him of any hope of access to an honest and responsible law enforcement or judicial system and appropriate public proceedings to address and resolve the numerous issues of this outrageously complex case.

This abominable decision thereby repudiates the Supreme Court’s supervisory authority and jurisdiction to conduct, control, or direct any of America’s judicial operations through the use of the appellation or name, United States, or under the U.S. Constitution. It gravely endangers each and every man, woman, and child residing within the boundaries or jurisdiction of the United States, who now have no Constitutional courts in which to seek liberty and justice, and leaves all courts, judges, and officials operating illegally and unconstitutionally, without proper Constitutional authority, to capriciously terrorize the People at any whim or impulse.

The order, which failed to comply with an urgent Judicial Notice, or the First Amendment, did not decide the merits of the case, but confirmed through its final denial, and deliberate indifference and implied ratification, that federal courts and judges have viciously abrogated, abdicated, and renounced authority and jurisdiction over cases arising under the laws and Constitution of the United States, through continued and endless judicial malfeasance and their propensity to excrete consistently incomprehensible legal decisions, rulings, opinions, and orders, in complete disregard of the facts, laws, rules, events, ongoing official oppression, and crimes against humanity, Citizens, and the United States, to obstruct justice in an undecipherable, foreign legal language repugnant to the Constitution and American People.

It clearly demonstrated that the courts and judges have been and are purposely, unlawfully, and treasonously conspiring to destroy the United States, through discriminatory insurrection and rebellion, legalizing extortion and racketeering and deprivation of equal protection of the laws, to protect favored private and official criminals and racketeers from punishment for atrocious depredations against U.S. inhabitants, and by malicious judicial assaults, misinterpretations, misconstructions, and misconduct against the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the principles of the Constitution.

The petition and Judicial Notice to the Justices had demanded that the Justices address a lengthy train of improper judicial abuses of power and position to condone and perpetuate crimes against humanity and racketeering, issue a prompt, acceptable, and comprehensible written opinion and signatures, in compliance with the First Amendment right to petition, and that it restore the integrity and principles of the legal system established by the Founding Fathers, by providing appropriate public proceedings to confront and adjudicate the complex issues of this instant civil racketeering case and its numerous offenses against the People of the United States.
The submitted Judicial Notice, filed on June 25, 2004, was quite clear and specific, legally indicated the extraordinary nature of the issues presented on appeal to the High Court, and appears below:


A. Whereas, the petition for writ of certiorari filed on April 6, 2004 was denied on June 1, 2004, by simple notification of the Supreme Court Clerk, without proper legal opinion, reasoning, or signatures of Justices, it failed to comply with Appellant’s First Amendment right to petition for redress of grievances, and did not legally or Constitutionally conform with Petitioner’s Judicial Notice and demand for expedited attention and resolution of the important and serious issues presented on appeal.

B.. The denial improperly signified that the U.S. Supreme Court and its Justices were renouncing jurisdiction and responsibility over cases arising under the laws and Constitution of the United States, closing the courts to the People, and that they were ratifying and supporting continued genocidal persecution to obstruct justice in this decade long train of judicial abuse of power and position in an outrageous official oppression and civil racketeering case.

C. The failure of the Justices to immediately take appropriate action to restore justice and appropriately supervise and control American courts and judges means that, because of the improper decisions and misconduct of judges in the lower courts, the entire judicial system is still now operating illegally and unconstitutionally and must be closed through the reserved powers and acts of the People.

D. If the Justices do not now properly issue an acceptable and comprehensible legal opinion and ruling on the circumstances, evidence, facts, and events of this case, and signatures, they will be presumably repudiating the Supreme Court’s authority and jurisdiction to continue any of its operations through the use of the appellation, United States, or under the Constitution.

E. There apparently exists no lawful or Constitutional representation of the People in the state of North Dakota or the United States judicial branch, and Appellant remains under grave risk and constant threats to his life, liberties, and property, because he is a law-abiding American pursuing liberty and justice.

F. Unless the Supreme Court provides all Citizens, including Nowik, immediate and proper access to honorable inferior courts which MUST adhere to the Rules, laws and Constitution for valid complaints or grievances in all cases, there can be no United States Supreme Court and no liberty and justice in America.

G. Nowik now represents the United States, the Constitution, and the People, THE GOVERNMENT. Without the laws and Constitution, there can be no other legitimate United States, no state, no presidency, Congress, or judicial system. Without the Constitution, their official powers have all been usurped and dissolved.

H. Thereby, Nowik DEMANDS that the Supreme Court and the federal courts cease participating in conspiracies to destroy the United States and provide him and all Americans immediate access to honorable public forums and freedom and justice, and the restoration of the legal principles established by the Founding Fathers.
The Justices apparently decided to disregard this notice as a challenge to its despotic authority and to arrogantly continue the judicial system’s pretentious participation in monstrous, genocidal racketeering conspiracies, to perpetuate the secretive usurpation and dissolution of the official powers of the United States. To protect outlaws and corrupt officials in the state of North Dakota interstate simulcast horse and dog wagering industry who are criminally involved in this despicable case, except those with whom there has been a falling out and the state and Justice Department are now unlawfully and unconstitutionally prosecuting at a scheduled federal trial in October in a major horseracing gambling scandal.

The denial of access to justice once again came illegally and unconstitutionally through a simple notification by the Supreme Court Clerk.

Additional details, evidence, and petitions on this contemptible legal travesty and national crisis may be viewed at: www.michaelnowik.blogspot.com on the internet.
This imperative warning is to inform all American Citizens and the world that the Supreme Court and the federal judicial system has now:

1. Dissolved and renounced its affiliation with the United States, its laws, Constitution, and People, placing them under unauthorized and mystic totalitarian domination. Without the People, there can no longer be any accredited judicial proceedings.

2. Has advocated, through failure to act on behalf of the People, and deliberate disregard of the violation of every possible law and right, the overthrow of the government of the United States by force or violence or other unlawful means.

3. Has ratified the dissolution and destruction of the state of North Dakota, leaving it without a legitimate or representative bureaucracy, to promote and perpetuate illegal and fraudulent control of public institutions and instrumentalities, with no regard for the rights of Citizens to the protections of the laws and Constitution of either the state or the United States.

4. Has failed to resolve extraordinary and complex legal and Constitutional issues involving the rights and powers of the People to access honorable public forums for resolution of legal, criminal, corruption, and Constitutional concerns.

5. Has condoned and permitted conspiracies to oppress, torment, torture, and threaten to kill American Citizens for exercising their natural and Constitutional rights, to cover up and obstruct investigation and prosecution of official corruption and rebellion.

6. Has supported and subversively authorized officials to retaliate against citizen corruption complaints, lawsuits, or prosecutions, through illegal lifetime confiscation of driver’s licenses or other unlawful methods, to deprive them of their federal right to travel and properly tend to their lawful affairs, needs, and necessities, thereby dissolving and destroying any legitimacy of the national driver’s license process, other agencies, and the judicial system.

7. Has dissolved the law enforcement system of the United States, through its failure to defend, enforce, and uphold the laws and Constitution, and official oaths of office, thereby cultivating the rule of force and the return to frontier justice, survival of the fittest, and vigilantism instead of law and order.

8. Has knowingly permitted insurrection, rebellion, and treason to continue, in direct violation of the 14th Amendment right of citizens to oppose and suppress such attacks against the integrity and principles of the United States.

9. Has with extreme malice and motive, failed to implement its supervisory authority and powers to control, direct, discipline, or restrain deliberate, egregious judicial misconduct in violation of Constitutional requirements and mandates for "good behaviour" in the judiciary.

10. Has intentionally acted as high-ranking ringleaders and warlords for the conspiratorial hoodlums acting under illegal "color of law" seeking to subvert and undermine the integrity and principles of the United States and its institutions.
THEREFORE, by the power vested in the People by the Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights, the Citizens’ Constitutional Command Center of the USA, as the Official Office of the Constitution and People of the United States of America, hereby directs and commands:

That, the President and Congress of the United States take expeditious action to compel all state and federal courts, including the Supreme Court, to IMMEDIATELY, by September 1, 2004, suspend and close any and all of their proceedings, cease operating illegally and unconstitutionally, or evoking the name of the United States, in any of their judicial activities, until all of them can be reorganized, reestablished, and certified, by honorable and responsible Citizen Review Boards and Committees, as qualified American courts and judges or civil instrumentalities of liberty and justice for the public good.

Recommended Actions and Precautions For Citizens:

1. Question the authority, jurisdiction, and representation of any city, county, state, or federal law enforcement or judicial official to act.

2. Refuse to appear at or permit judicial proceedings to continue under any illegally and unconstitutionally operated court. Demand that they be immediately closed or adjourned.

3. Do not submit to any plea bargaining or arrangement on any civil or criminal matter until appropriate American Constitutional authority and jurisdiction has been reestablished.

4. Demand public forums and proceedings at all times, properly attended and observed by the American People and media.

5. No longer rely on law enforcement to protect yourself, your family, and friends against criminal muggers, thieves, or corrupt officials, and begin to use the Second Amendment to bear arms to defend yourself against any and all criminals or tyrants.

6. Demand that all officials, agents, political sub-divisions, and instrumentalities have an available, legally declared, and responsive representative of the laws, Constitution, and the People to promptly and properly respond to Citizen grievances, complaints, issues, and questions.

7. Join in and support the effort to restore reputable, Constitutional American courts, cities, counties, and states, and help save the United States, its Constitution, and its Citizens from flagitious terror and tyranny.

Issued By:
"The Official Steward of the Constitution and Guardian of the American People"

It is hereby certified that to the best of the Citizens’ Constitutional Command Center’s knowledge, information, and belief formed after reasonable inquiry, this Red Alert and Command Center Order #1 is well grounded in fact and is warranted by existing law.

Private Attorney General of the United States,
Michael H. Nowik,
Citizens’ Constitutional Command Center-USA
P.O. Box 1162
Dickinson, North Dakota 58602-1162
Tel: (701) 225-0507
Dated: August 15, 2004